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IDCC is not just a platform for mitigating discussion about data-driven social innovation and building digital toolkits to improve impact data management practices, but it is also very much a community-guided incubator to grow new types of digital initiatives to fill the gaps in Hong Kong’s social service ecosystem and to prepare for its inevitable data-driven future. 

We see our role as helping to collectively push new data initiatives to tackle Hong Kong’s most pressing problems, whether about increasing transparency and impact investment, or protecting digital rights and data self-sovereignty, or improving social and financial inclusion.

What We're Doing Now

Impact Intermediary Capacity Building

Working closely with Hong Kong’s leading social impact intermediaries to build capacity of the entire social impact sector in effectively measuring and managing impact by strategically designing and incorporating digital automation with data-driven workflows based on blockchain.

System Library of Impact Management

Building a user-friendly and navigable digital library of global and local impact assessment tools, impact/ outcome metrics, and data collection methodologies, enabling both professionals and laymen to contribute to and learn about impact management standards and best-practices from within the market.

Our Ambitions

Data-Driven Crowd Funding
Decentralized Fund Raising for Social Projects

Crowdsourcing not only capital but also ideas, labor, time, and data, allowing the Hong Kong community to participate more broadly, to the ability of their means, across multiple dimensions as interested stakeholders to help drive social change.

Community-Based Finance
Financial Inclusion for HK's Underserved

Collaborating with Hong Kong virtual banks and global social finance institutions to provide community-based financial services to people with high barriers  from entering the mainstream job market.




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