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Decentralized Development
Finance Framework
The Quest for Community-Driven
Financial Inclusion for All Begins!


IDCC has kickstarted our financial inclusion initiative for Hong Kong under the (Decentralized Development Finance Framework) DDFF framework. We aim to put decentralized social finance tools into the hands of impoverished communities in Hong Kong, helping them to achieve self-determinism and economic resilience through programmable results-based-finance & collateralized community currencies, to grow alternative sustainable forms of local economy.  DDFF’s initiatives include developing decentralized solutions for:

  • Time Banks

  • Community Currencies

  • Social Service Vouchers

  • Lending Library

  • Decentralized Fractional Reserve

The First DDFF Program:
Decentralized Time Banks

For the past few years, our team has been working with Hong Kong’s time banking communities to see how we can bring digital automation to help build a stronger community resilience and self-help infrastructure to their users.  We are proud to announce that with a generous research grant and kind support from the InterChain Foundation, DDFF has published a working white paper that outlines how blockchain can help to scale timebanking for Hong Kong’s vibrant communities of timebank members and users. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 8.56.14 PM.png
Read The White Paper!
Request Access To The Working White Paper

With this paper, we begin our foray into Hong Kong’s timebank ecosystem and would like to share our findings from working in-depth with several local timebank organizations.  If you would like to read our working white paper, please fill out the form below:

TB White Paper
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